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PAVI Reviews is a collection of comments we have received from current PAVI students, past graduates and guest lecturers. It offers potential PAVI students actual opinions and perspectives on program overviews, specific courses, instructors and guest lecturers.

Life after PAVI - By Sam Mosapor

A Dream Comes to Life - By Ana Rodas Recarte
How to Become a Producer and Engineer
- By Mitch Jaehrlich
A Good Deal - By Luiza Cipolotti Gurgel 
Great Avenues in Audio - By Shelby Denison
The Beautiful Thing - By Ada Chung
The Best, Hands-Down - By Mike Maxwell
Your Mind Blown Wide Open! - By Ameet Khabra
A Dream of Working In The Industry
-By Gustavo Valderrama
I’ve Got More Work Now Than Ever Before
- By Amber Hately
Laying the Foundation - By Rajan Khanijaon
You Get Out What You Put In - By Aaron Olson
From Dream to Reality - Joshua McRae

The Right Place For My New Start - Ian Wei

All in One Year !!! - by Garret Friesen
Get the Ball Rolling - by Jason Rouleau
Audio Engineering and Beyond - by Hillary Sylvester
Making Connections - By Jessica Jones
Backstage Pass - by Aaron Young
A New Level - by Vincent Yu
PAVI Rocks - by Cody DeBoer
A Sound Choice - By Jordan Holloway
Kick-Start Your Career - Marc Tremblay
A Warmly Saturated Brain and Hours of Pushing Faders
- By Brenden MacDonald
A Foundation for My Career - By Jesse Mrau
The PAVI Experience - By Greg Monforton
Amazing Facility– I Had Fun in Every Class - By Dave Gaudet
Take the Fast-Track - By Kyle Knapp
Exceeded Expectations - By Spencer Carson
A New Language - By Chris Pieczonka
My Foot in the Door - By Allison Painchaud
The Right Choice - By Lindsay Williams
Journey Into The Music Industry - By Desiree Haryett
Music Is My Life - By Andrew Conroy
Clearing a Path - By Lisa L.
Go PAVI - By Chris Hockin
The Stepping Stone to your Audio World - By Dan Howes
PAVI Worked for Me - By Eugene P.
PAVI Gives You Confidence - By Gregory Williams

Kate Green Wayne Morris John Pozer
Sascha Popove Nicolas McKenzie Andy Piller
Ken Turta Rob Pattee Bill Baker
Daniel Byrne Hunter Pearson Rob Frith
Gerry Mayer Peter Reusch Siobhan McCarthy
Dave Chisholm Mike Rheault David Hechenberger
Jesse Waldman Steve Smith Zoran Todorvic
Robyn Wiener Rob Warwick

Daniel Casado

Nardwuar Larry Wanagas Boris Drazic
Stephen Foster Raj Uppal David Ray
Percy Lipinski Craig March Chris Croda
Lana Gay Kim Juneja Kevin Kowal
PropaTingz John Sereda Jonathon Simkin
Marek Forysinski Tony Dean Smith Swann Barratt
Joe Keithley  

Audio Engineering & Production

Film & Music Business

John Wozniak
Pamela Hart
Ray Star
Judy Ann Nishi
Tom Raycove
Wolfgang Rott
Yonie Solomon
Jordan Chaleil
Andrew Conroy
Ada Chung








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